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ADV Addicts

ADV Addicts

Are you an ADV Addict?

When you tell people you're going on a short ride, do you come back in six months? Is your bash plate thick enough to stop a bullet? Have you ever used your license plate to dig your motorcycle out of the sand? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be an ADV Addict.
At ADV ADDICTS™, we're just as addicted as you are to the sport of adventure riding and exploring the world on two wheels. ADV ADDICTS™ was born from the simple desire to represent adventure motorcycling passion 24/7. Shirts are just a way for us to express and share that devotion. It’s about taking pride in having an unrelenting obsession for riding ADV, dual sport motorcycles, traveling, and chasing your personal adventure, whether you're riding in Graubuenden, Valais, Detroit or Dakar.

We share your (over)enthusiasm for all things ADV and look forward to being part of your next adventure. Safe travels!